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  Star Of May


Star Of May

Stable Name: Star

17.1H  Chestnut Gelding

DOB: 2003 SIRE: Mayhill

Owner: The Hon. Mrs Bridget Gaussen







Nutbeam Marquis

Stable Name: Marky

16.2H Chestnut Gelding

DOB: 1994 SIRE: Crown Marquisete

Owner: The Hon. Mrs Bridget Gaussen







Thomas Jazz

Stable Name: T-J

16.1H Dark Bay Gelding

DOB: 2000 SIRE: Jazz

Owner: Pam Davidson







Hot Vintage

Stable Name: Vince

16.2H NZ TB Bay Gelding

DOB: 2005 SIRE: Royal Academy DAM: Convert Girl

Owner: Tim Downes







Stable Name: Otis

16.0H Irish TB Chestnut Gelding

DOB: 2007

Owner: Andrew Bennie