About me..


Born in New Zealand, I began riding at the age of ten. I progressed through the local Pony Club and was competing in all the local competitions for Dressage, Show-jumping and Eventing by my mid teens.

In 1984, riding Jade, I began my International career and qualified for my first Olympics in Los Angeles, one of the New Zealand's first Olympic equestrian three-day eventing representatives. Riding in the team alongside Mark Todd, Andrew Nicholson and Mary Hamilton, individual Gold was won by fellow team mate Mark Todd.

Since 1984 I have been based in the UK producing horses and training riders to all levels, competing in many international three day events, with numerous different horses.

Working in the UK for Ian Adsetts in his busy Hunter livery and competition horse yard, very near Badminton for 11 years gave me an opportunity to gain a huge depth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of equestrianism, along with training and competing horses in all three disciplines, developing my coaching skills and stud yard management.

Riding an English bred horse, Grayshott, I qualified for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul and was part of the New Zealand team – along with Todd, Marges Knighton and Tinks Pottinger – I helped our team to win the Team bronze medal. Grayshott and I finished in 20th position , having been 8th after Dressage.

At that time I had also produced another English bred horse to advanced level, a horse called Albany, who was sold to the USA and competed as part of the 1988 American Olympic team and who provided them with their best result.

In 1995 I branched out and took on a rented yard to set up a competition centre and had my own yard in Wiltshire.

In my career, so far, I have produced many horses from novice beginnings through to Advanced Eventing. I have had the fortune to gain wins at all levels up to Advanced. My depth of experience is based on years of practical hands on experience, coupled with over 30x 4* and 5* three day events, as well as numerous educational lower level events.

I currently produce horses of my own as well as for owners, to compete in Dressage, Show-jumping and Eventing, for sale, or re-schooling.

I am a BE Accredited Coach, FBHS, a BD List 1 Judge and an FEI Eventing International judge.

During my career, I have had great opportunities to train with many, world renowned, names, such as;

  • Karlman de Jurenak (Dressage)

  • Ferdi Eilberg FBHS(who, with Grayshott, helped me achieve 8th position after the dressage phase in the Seoul Olympics)

  • Mark Phillips FBHS(cross country lines)

  • Pat Burgess (who had a huge impact on my jumping position and showed me many training exercises)

  • Mark Todd (fantastic to walk courses with and taught me much about seeing a stride)

  • Blyth Tait (show jumping technician)

  • Yogi Briesner FBHS(jumping technique)

  • Trish Gardiner FBHS and Bill Noble (arena craft)

  • Angela Tucker (precision)

  • Graham Fletcher (much help with less than careful jumpers)

  • Stephen Hadley (considerable help with young horses)

In recent years I have developed my coaching and enjoy helping riders of all levels and for all disciplines, I have been very involved in training riders from the Hong Kong Paralympic Team, and was their  Team coach/ manager for preparation and competing in the 2016 Rio Paralympics.